Document Analysis Paper

The introduction of this paper sets up a complex analysis of the primary documents because it links the documents through change over time between the two rulers.  The thesis statement is clear and direct, summarizing the most important aspects of the documents as a whole.

The topic sentences of each body paragraph are also easily identifiable and have the ability to be discussed from multiple viewpoints.  Within the paragraphs, the author uses specific aspect of each document to illustrate the point of the topic sentence.  For example, the Table of Ranks discusses the fines and articles written into the document.  It answers all of the contextual information about the document in a way that also provides analysis.  Also, when direct quotation of the document is used, it is accompanied with an explanation of the quote, which furthers its use as a supplement to the factual discussion.

The sentence structure throughout the entire paper varies between complex and simple sentence, creating a paper that is both easy to read and sophisticated.  There are no glaring grammar or spelling errors, which show careful paper construction and an attention to detail mirrored throughout the intellectual discussion as well.  The analytic interpretations come across with as much confidence as the factual information.

By the end of this paper, I felt like (had I not know this subject) I had a complex knowledge of the topic.  It was also useful how the conclusion incorporated secondary source material that corroborated the thesis statement and gave further validity to the argument taken in the paper.  However, the best part of the paper was that it did not have to rely on secondary source materials, and I really got the sense that all of the points came directly from the person that wrote this paper and that they understood all of the facts that enhanced their argument.

The paper also adhered to all of the “Tips on Writing for Me,” which definitely kept this paper at the level it deserved.  Good job and congratulations!