Hitler-Stalin Pact

Thee Points:

1. The first section of the document The non-confidential pieces Show that the pact was not necessarily an alliance, but as a promise to stay neutral (hence the name non-aggression pact)

2. The Second part of the document takes into account territorial agreements.  This heavily alludes to the collusion of Russia and Germany and their ‘alliance’ and their support for one another in starting a new war.

3.The time the pact was signed, August 23rd 1939 is extremely close to the beginning of the war (about 8 days).  This could mean that the pact was the only thing standing in the way of Germany and its invasion of Poland.

Questions:  Why do you think that Germany signed this document so late/ close to the beginning of the war?  Why do you think the Germans would ultimately end up breaking the pact when they invaded Russia.

Observation:  I find in incredibly ironic that the champion of Fascism, Germany and the champion of Communism/Socialism, Russia, despite being opposite political ideologies, were able to create a pact of non-aggression.