Nehru on Marxism, Capitalism, and Non-alignment

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Nehru believed that the violence present in communist nations was inherent and deep-rooted, while the violence of Communist nations was leading Russia to peace, cooperation, and freedom of its people.

He emphasizes Russia’s fortitude and resilience, while the rest of the world was regressing and deteriorating. “With all her blunders, Soviet Russia had triumphed over enormous difficulties and taken great strides toward this new order while the rest of the world was in the grip of the depression and going back in some ways […]”

Nehru expresses the need for India to attribute to the task of achieving economic development. He urges the production of strategic planning, implementation, and enthusiasm and cooperation of India’s people.

 2 Questions

What was Nehru’s reasoning for believing that his approach would help to preserve peace in India, as well as internationally.

What does Nehru mean when he says ‘nonalignment’?

1 Interesting Point

I found it interesting that this was basically the first text we’ve read where there was no intention of interference with another country. Nehru makes it clear that India will successfully move forward with the approach of nonaggression and noninterference.

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  1. I think India’s support for the Soviet Union was actually quite surprising. A nation that was under British control, a democratic/ capitalist nation, completely turns and supports the antithesis of its previous occupiers.

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