Treaty of European Union

3 Points;

1. The Europe once again unite together, for the two wars in the past proved no good to set enemies within the Europe.

2. The union is mainly formed by economic treaties, including single currency and free trade within the EU.

3. The EU also would maintain a consistency in foreign policies, adding more to the unity of Europe.

2 Qs:

1. As the member nations of EU joint ever closer economically, the potential harm exists as well. Just like Greece broke in 2011, the whole Europe was affected by the financial crisis because of internal relation. Is this the reason why Great Britain was not part of EU? Who can help Europe to get out of the crisis when almost every nation in the union was devastated financially?

2. Is EU a new form of multination empire? What is the difference the multination empire and the EU?


The relation between countries eventually is connected by the benefit and gains. When the interest is related together, it is hard to act against each other without hurting one’s own benefit. Perpetual peace may seem impossible during the first few decades of twentieth century, essentially because countries were trying to maximize each own profits, even at the cost of damaging other countries’ interest. Just like what Churchill said, “A nation has no permanent enemies and no permanent friends, only permanent interests.┬áHave no lasting enemy, also have no lasting friend, only have the lasting benefits.” Only by unifying all the countries’ interests, can peace be maintained.