Treaty of European Union

3 Points;

1. The Europe once again unite together, for the two wars in the past proved no good to set enemies within the Europe.

2. The union is mainly formed by economic treaties, including single currency and free trade within the EU.

3. The EU also would maintain a consistency in foreign policies, adding more to the unity of Europe.

2 Qs:

1. As the member nations of EU joint ever closer economically, the potential harm exists as well.… Read the rest here

The Maastricht Treaty and the European Union

Main Points:

1. Established the European Union, forming a union of states and peoples, demonstrating consistency and solidarity between the member states. Recognized that despite the differences between European nations, there was a distinctly European identity shared by all member states.
2. Established a common currency, the Euro, for all member states, which would tie the economies of all member states together. This is significant because inflation or deflation of the Euro, or any other economic activity for that matter, would significantly affect all the economies of the European Union.… Read the rest here