Charlotte Frankenstein

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The last block of text that was assigned for homework in Shelley’s “Frankenstein”, was from page 107 until the end of the book.  This section starts out with a heavy moral decision for Victor.  To mask his plan, he sets out on a traveling tour.  Wanting to create a new monster leads him with the difficult choice, he knows the implications that will follow if he fails.  During this time, he begins to weigh out the options taking into account the devastation if his new creation leads to the same destruction. … Read the rest here

Frankenstein Volume 3

After agreeing to his deal with the monster, Frankenstein begins to question his decision and starts to have cold feet. The prospect of creating yet another monster seems impossible to him but he also sees no other option. He concludes that he has to travel to England to complete his task and is joined by Henry. The incessant need to rid himself of the monster is eating away at him. Finally, he settles in Scotland where he spends his days in a small laboratory.… Read the rest here

Frankenstein – Part 3


For months, Victor travels with his friend, Henry Clerval, trying to clear his mind on the mission set by his creature. While everything they visit is beautiful, he is unable to find comfort while knowing that his beloved are being threatened. Finally, he says farewell to his friend and goes off to a house on an island, and surrounded by nature and solitude, begins his work on building a companion for his creature.

Yet then, in the middle of his work, Victor is struck by the fact that the union of the new partner and creature might not go as smoothly as they anticipate, and that even more, if it did, that they might reproduce and multiply the threat to humanity.… Read the rest here

Catherine’s conceptions of state and subject

Her reforms were progressive in the sense that they moved Russia towards modernization and brought the state in line with Western concepts of the relationship between a government and its subjects. One theme present throughout Catherine the Great’s reforms is an attempt to balance state powers and individual liberties. The Statute on Provincial Administration states that “the personal security of each loyal subject is quite precious to the Monarch’s philanthropic heart,”  and the establishment of an ordered, hierarchical bureaucracy within the provinces is one way to enforce order and protect personal security among and of the subjects.… Read the rest here

Frankenstein p.107 – end

After Frankenstein’s meeting with his creation, he knows he must create a female creature as well or suffer the loss of everyone he loves. He journeys to England to get the information he needs to create a second creature, and brings Clerval as his companion. They travel across England and eventually visit Scotland. Frankenstein, knowing he can’t postpone his task any longer, leaves Clerval and finds a solitary island to complete his work. However, he has a sudden realization that his second creation might refuse to fulfill the promise of the first, and that she may in fact destroy all of mankind.Read the rest here

Catherine the Great

Catherine’s vision was to create a better Russia through helping the people.  She recognized how vast her empire was and decided it would be better managed if divided into separate provinces.  The Statute on Provincial Administration created “a much more significant administrative presence in the provinces than been there before”1 .  The Statue on Provincial Administration creates a more structured, organized role of power for those in charge of the provinces by clearly stating  how the provinces are to be run; for example, “Each province shall establish a criminal court”  (Kaiser and Marker 242)) .  … Read the rest here


After the meeting with the monster Frankenstein stalls the creation of a female companion. Frankenstein came to the Alps in order to escape his depression, but he finds himself tasked with an even more daunting task. Alphonse suggests that Frankenstein marry Elizabeth, but he refuses burdened by the monster’s task, Victor than leaves for England with Alphonse’s agreement. Frankenstein and Alphonse decide to take Henry Clevarl on a two year tour. Victor and Henry travel all over England.… Read the rest here

An Enlightened Monarch

Catherine establishes many new reforms for establishing the bureaucracy as well as containing the power of the nobility. With the military commanders set up by Peter the Great removed after his death, Catherine establishes a new system for governing the massive expansion of land that is Russia. She appoints the leaders for these provinces, so they are loyal to her and thereby she centralizes her power. What makes these reforms Enlightened however are the responsibilities she gives to these governors, as well as the fact that she is writing all of these, taking an active role in her governance.… Read the rest here

Frankenstein Volume 3

The final chapters of Frankenstein further the numerous motifs and themes throughout the novel, while leaving the reader questioning who is at fault, who is the hero, and what each character’s role was. The narrative shifts again, going from Victor to the monster, then back to Victor and Walton for the last volume. Victor is horrified at the prospect of creating a companion for his creature, and hypothesizes them not retreating away from humanity, but interfering with it, and even procreating to create a new race of “monsters”.… Read the rest here

Frankenstein Volume II

Volume II of Frankenstein opens with Victor trying to navigate through his guilt. He makes his way to Chamonix where he finally encounters his monster again. Though the encounter isn’t in any way friendly, the monster is able to convince Victor to listen to his story. The perspective then switches over to the viewpoint of the monster who tells of his life after escaping Victor’s laboratory. He reveals that he had a couple run ins with various people which had all resulted in them running away.… Read the rest here