Frankenstein – Part 3


For months, Victor travels with his friend, Henry Clerval, trying to clear his mind on the mission set by his creature. While everything they visit is beautiful, he is unable to find comfort while knowing that his beloved are being threatened. Finally, he says farewell to his friend and goes off to a house on an island, and surrounded by nature and solitude, begins his work on building a companion for his creature.

Yet then, in the middle of his work, Victor is struck by the fact that the union of the new partner and creature might not go as smoothly as they anticipate, and that even more, if it did, that they might reproduce and multiply the threat to humanity.… Read the rest here

Paper Proposal

I would like to explore in my paper why environmental sustainability is far from being achieved on the global level, when the critical demand for it in the 21st century has long since been acknowledged.

The many books in the library on the environment are far more than enough to provide evidence on the damage of the environment. As demonstrated in the book by the Worldwatch Institute, the ocean ecosystems are damaged by overfishing and pollution, the consumption of fossil fuels are higher than ever, the deserts are expanding, and climate change is shifting deeper into the irreversible.… Read the rest here

Response to Marx in Soho

The first question to arise upon hearing of “Marx in Soho,” a play by Howard Zinn, would naturally be this: why is there a play of Karl Marx and his ideas at this time? It has been over a hundred and fifty years after the Communist Manifesto, and with the dictatorship in the name of communism displayed in Russia, China and North Korea, the general public does not regard Marx with a positive light.

This did not stop Bob Weick, in his act as Karl Marx, in fiercely defending the revolutionary socialist.… Read the rest here

Farmer’s Market – Charlotte, Diane, Julia, Leah

All the way from Boiling Springs—a fifteen-minute drive from campus—to the corner of High Street and Hanover had the beets traveled into our hands. The fresh dirt clinging onto the lower stems couldn’t hide the vivid blush of the stalks and roots, and after carefully picking out five of them, we took a moment to get to know the farmer smiling behind the basketfuls of fresh farm produce at the “Farmers on the Square” in downtown Carlisle.… Read the rest here