Frankenstein Volume 3

After agreeing to his deal with the monster, Frankenstein begins to question his decision and starts to have cold feet. The prospect of creating yet another monster seems impossible to him but he also sees no other option. He concludes that he has to travel to England to complete his task and is joined by Henry. The incessant need to rid himself of the monster is eating away at him. Finally, he settles in Scotland where he spends his days in a small laboratory.… Read the rest here

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Paper Proposal

Harriet Sidford

Scope: I want to examine our definitions of happiness and success and how they are both related to our obsession with materialism in America. Happiness is acknowledged when it is associated with concrete objects. Materialism is often mistaken for happiness because we think it can be achieved through the acquisition of things. People strive for happiness but these goals usually stem from greed, selfishness, or desperation. Similarly, success is measured in wealth or power, which we promote yet we ignore the fact that some are succeeding while others are suffering.… Read the rest here

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Marx in Soho

Bob Weick’s performance as Karl Marx in the play Marx in Soho, by Howard Zinn, shines a light on the man behind the controversial ideas and shows how relevant his ideas are in our world today. Communism is associated with either corrupt leaders or tumultuous times in history. Marx is thought of as a madman, who should be feared because of his radical views. Weick shatters this stereotype and shows a different side of Marx. His concern as a father is clear as he introduces his three children.… Read the rest here

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Farmer’s Market Assignment

(Harriet, Max, Alex, Patrick, and Sarah)

At the Farmer’s market, we talked to many different vendors from all over as we worked our way through our shopping list. One of the vendors we met was selling a wide array of beautiful flowers. Michelle Elston is the owner and farmer of Roots Flower Farm, which is located in Carlisle on Walnut Bottom Road. As newcomers to the area, it was interesting for us to meet a local who was enthusiastic and involved with the community.… Read the rest here