Frankenstein p.107 – end

After Frankenstein’s meeting with his creation, he knows he must create a female creature as well or suffer the loss of everyone he loves. He journeys to England to get the information he needs to create a second creature, and brings Clerval as his companion. They travel across England and eventually visit Scotland. Frankenstein, knowing he can’t postpone his task any longer, leaves Clerval and finds a solitary island to complete his work. However, he has a sudden realization that his second creation might refuse to fulfill the promise of the first, and that she may in fact destroy all of mankind.Read the rest here

Final Essay Proposal

I want to research how alienation from the natural world contributes to the range of human action in response to anthropogenic climate change and environmental destruction. In most societies, people are physically, psychologically, and spiritually removed from the environment in which they live. This alienation makes people less likely to react to the increasing threat of climate change because they do not feel its effects as directly, and emotion is an important part of the process of converting moral thought to action.Read the rest here

Marx in Soho Response

Karl Marx saw private property as the root of power inequality, and, in his play Marx in Soho, author Howard Zinn brings this message to contemporary society. However, the play also deepens the idea of a power struggle by challenging the concept of a utopia and analyzing Marx’s own power relationships.

In the play Marx in Soho, Marx claims he staged a protest in Heaven so the powers that be would allow him to return to earth for the performance.Read the rest here

Farmer’s Market (Group: Jacob, Kayleigh, Naji, Ali, and Thomas)

At the Farmer’s Market, we talked to three different vendors and asked them questions about their farming practices and the way that the Farmer’s Market impacts them and the Carlisle community. First we talked to a vendor who sold us cherry tomatoes. They were from the farm Prescott’s Patch, and they were selling a wide variety of produce. We asked them where their farm is located, and how long of a drive it was for them to come to Carlisle.Read the rest here