25 points

25 points is the platform of Nazi party written by Hitler, Gottfried Feder and Anton Drexler in 1920. It showed a strong tendency of nationalism and the hatred to the first World War’s treaty.

Author: Hitler, extreme racialist, the well-know leader of Nazi Germany who relatively started the  second World War. Anton Drexler, the founder of Nazi Party, opponent of capitalism. Gottfried Feder, economist of Nazi party, opponent of Jewish banker, founder of Nazi party.

Context: In 1920 Weimar Republic suffered from the ecnonmic crisis and hyperinflation. The treaty signed for the first World War brought great disaster to the nation’s economy and lead series of dissatisfication to the government(such as Kapp-Putsch, caused by the requirement of dismiss army). The chaotic condition of Germany made more and more people in the side with right wing force such as Nazi party and wish them can help the country get rid of series of troubles.

Language: as a platform, it’s concrete, directly showed their purpose.

Auidence: as a platform, it written for the member of Nazi party, and those who want to join the party.

Intent: spread the idea of nationalism, oppose big corpration and capitalism, call for social welfare and landreform, control media and concentration of power.

Message: Nazi party is the way for Germany get rid of those social problems.

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  1. I really like the way in which you structured your blog post. Your use of the ACLAIM Method seems spot on. I would like to add my own input as Hitler really emphasizes the “citizen”, as they should be the only beneficiaries of the works of the state, and no other non-citizen, shunning other races and ethnicities out. Even through publications that non-citizens want to make for the publics use, it needs to be approved by people of a specific race and ethnicity and follow specific guidelines in order to be even considered. Hitlers way of spreading nationalism in his head would generate a distinct form of nationalism that would only benefit Germans, but there were many more downturns to his thought process that had worldwide affects in that time and in the coming future. By obtaining total control, he could manipulate the system in any way he saw fit. Great message.

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