Hitler and the 25 Points

The 25 Points Manifesto was written in 1920 when the NSDAP was founded. Its purpose was to clearly outline the guiding principles of the party. Adolf Hitler and Anton Drexler wrote the Manifesto to attract popular support for the NSDAP. The 25 points targeted the working class, and were written in an easily understood language.

The Manifesto had socialist values. For example, it called for every citizen to have a job that benefitted the state, for the state to control large corporations, health standards, education, and communication, and for the people to put the interest of the sate before the interest of the individual.

It also put value in promoting the well being of the German-race. For example, it called for anyone who was not a German to be removed from the country, for German citizens to have employment priority, and for the government to stop any political or social anti-German practices.