The Spanish Civil War and Iconoclasm

Hello Reader! While doing some research on the web, I came across a recent article related to what was discussed in class today, the Spanish Civil War. More specifically, we discussed the destruction of key religious symbols and artifacts during this tumultuous time. The Spanish leftists keenly destroyed churches and symbols of religion. Meanwhile, the German Nazis did the same thing in Spain, a tactic which would continue well into WWII. There are likely many articles destroyed that are destroyed forever, badly crippling Spain’s cultural heritage. However, one of the artifacts, while lasting until the 1990s in pieces, has just finished being restored. What makes this piece of architecture special is that it was crafted by the famous Michelangelo himself. Check out the article for a quick, yet informative read.



Kassam, Ashifa. “Michelangelo Work Destroyed in Spain’s Civil War Unveiled after Restoration.” The Guardian, April 2, 2015. Accessed April 6, 2015.