European Common Market (1957)

This reading focuses on negotiations related to a trade union between Belgium, Grance, the German Federal Republic, Italy, Lxembourg, and The Netherlands. However, the U.K. was also interested in joining the trade union. These countries would remove barriers of trade, and would not impose tariffs upon one another, although they would establish a tariff to all external countries. The United States supported this decision, as this union will help to further unite Western Europe, both politically and economically. In addition, this union is a move towards convertible currencies, and the United States hopes this move will expand trade among countries outside of the union.

3 thoughts on “European Common Market (1957)

  1. This is a very good short summary of the European Common Market. The main aim of the European Economic Community was to have greater economic integration that included a common market. It was very interesting how the United States played a minor role in terms of their support of this decision. By preserving peace and liberty within the EU they hoped to lay the foundations for an even closer EU. Looking back, the establishment of a common market was a vital move in the history of Europe in setting up trade and common currency for years to come.

  2. I completely agree with Evan in regards to the United States and them supporting the decision of the European common market. Evan is spot on when he says, “by preserving peace and liberty within the EU they hoped to lay the foundations for an even closer EU.” I believe this is another example of the United States playing the role of “world cop,” as they wanted a hand in all international affairs. We see this in today’s society as well, for it always seems that the United States has a hand in all foreign affairs.

  3. I would agree that the United States is definitely pulling a “world cop” move by supporting the common market. The U.S. is trying to protect EU economies and trade relations in order to foster peace within the world. However, the U.S. also greatly benefits economically from good trade within the EU, so the U.S. would gain something valuable from supporting the common market. Additionally, there is peace in Europe the U.S. will not be put in a position where they would have to step in and spend money and resources trying to fix the problem.

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