Treaty on European Union

The Maastricht Treaty, also known as the Treaty on European Union, was signed on February 7, 1992. It became active on November 1, 1993, during the Delors Commission. It established the European Union and led to the creation of the Euro. It was amended by the treaties of Lisbon, Nice, and Amsterdam.

Upon creation, the European Union was comprised of three pillars: the European Communities, which dealt with economic, social, and environmental policies, the Common Foreign and Security Policy, which handled foreign policy and military matters, and the Police and Judicial Co-Operation in Criminal Matters, which focussed on law enforcement and fighting crime. The three pillar structure was abandoned on December 1, 2009, when the Treaty of Lisbon became active.

2 thoughts on “Treaty on European Union

  1. This is a very concise summary of the document in relation to Title I of Common Provisions. The main objectives of the Union seem clear, promoting social and economic progress, and to strengthen the rights an protection of interests. My main concerns from this document relate to Article F, as the Union is to respect national identities of Member States, founded on democratic principles. But if decisions need to be made on a basis that is not solely democratic, how can the Union abide by its third law in Article F, to provide itself with the means necessary to attain its objectives and carry out policies?

  2. This is a very well done short summary on Title I, Common Provisions, on the Treaty on the European Union. The three pillars are key within this section of the treaty and help us understand the main objectives the European Union was trying to accomplish. Article III seems to be the main section of Title I as it states the aims of the EU in six points. These points include promoting peace, free movement, establishing Euro and internal market, promote values and to do all of this by appropriate means. Which of these points do you believe is the most vital in this treaty?

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