Additional Topics in Romantic Natural History

Amphibious Thinking
The Anxiety of Species: Toward a Romantic Natural History
Defining “Life”and “Death”
Global Exploration and New Forms of Nature
Erasmus Darwin and the Frankenstein Mistake
Extinction as Metaphor
The Frog-Fish of Surinam
Geologist-Poets and Poet-Geologists
Human “Monsters” and Reproductive Mysteries
Humans as a Species of Animal
James King Davidson’s Undergraduate Notebook
The Language of Flowers
Life Below the Waves
Luigi Galvani and Electric Romanticism

In the Poetry Lab with Dr. Frankenstein
Monkeys, Men, and Man-Apes
Natural History for Children
Reconciling the Fossil Record
Rhinoceroses, Elephants, Crocodiles and other “Monsters”
Romantic Rhinos and Victorian Vipers: The Zoo as Spectacle
Shelley and Others on the Sensitive Plant
The Species Question
The Venus Fly-trap and the Great Chain of Being

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History of Evolutionary Thought

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Evolutionary Theory Before Darwin

(George Landow on “The Victorian Web”)

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