Student Researchers and Contributor Acknowledgments

Grateful thanks to Jennifer Lindbeck, member of the Dickinson Class of 1998, and Mellon research assistant during the establishment of the initial architecture, research, and writing of Romantic Natural History.

Additional thanks also to Emily Arndt, Class of 2013, summer student research assistant during the summer of 2011, for updated design, research, and writing for the new revised version of the site.

Special thanks also to Brenda Landis and her student staff for continuing help with IT and design issues, especially with the complete migration of the site–and all of its images–to WordPress during 2011.

Additional thanks to my numerous students in Romantic Natural History (Spring 2003), Literature and Science (Spring 2005), Thoreau, Wilderness, and American Nature Writing (Spring 2009), British and American Nature Writing (Spring 2010), Thoreau and American Nature Writing (First-Year Seminar 2010), Thoreau and American Nature Writing (403, Fall 2010), and Ecocriticism (Spring 2011 and Spring 2013) for their valuable comments and suggestions during their own editing and scholarly work with the site.

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