More than a Scholar

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Father Fyodor is a priest at a congregational church in a near suburb of Moscow. He is also a philologist, a Research Associate at the Russian Academy of Science, an active participant in and organizer of scholarly conferences, and a journalist. Father Fyodor was born and raised in downtown Moscow, but in the ’90s moved with his family to a new neighborhood beyond the Beltway.

Father Fyodor moved to this separate room of his crowded apartment relatively recently, and is extremely pleased with it. His modern belongings, a laptop for example, do indeed crowd the interior and encroach upon the older furniture. But on the whole, last century’s furniture remains: a bookshelf, manuscripts, and archived material for scientific research. A separate office serves as an excellent asylum from the noise of the younger generation. It is in this room that Father Fyodor works and sleeps.

You can listen to an interview with Father Fyodor here. interFjodor_best

Translated by Alex North

a Scholar's room

Father Fyodor

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