Young Snail Enthusiast

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Marina is an 8th grader at the Moscow School for Gifted Children. In Marina’s case, gifted is not an empty word. Since she was little, she has loved theatrical performances, writing skits for amateur theater, and organizing shows. In addition, she collects shells to display at her family’s summer house, and even published an adventure story for children, which she illustrated herself. In a homemade terrarium in her room, Marina raises exotic species of snails from all over the world. Her room is her own private space. Her younger brother is strictly forbidden from entering, and on the door hangs a sign requesting “Please Knock!” Marina loves to spend evenings having fun in her room, with a either a book or a cat.

Translated by Caitlin Moriarty

Here you can listen to an interview with Marina. interMarian_best

a Young Snail Enthusiast's room

a girl with a snail

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