Winter Workdays of a Hunter

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Anatoly Grigoryevich was an inventor-engineer but is now retired. His system of safety elevators has saved the lives of dozens and continues to keep unlucky teenagers out of the elevator shafts in Russian apartment buildings. He is a hunter, aquarium-lover, and Jack of all trades. One of his last passions is the improvement of the locks on doors. The room pictured here is used to store his library of technical books, household necessities, spare parts to all kinds of locking gadgets, and other intricate hardware.  He also uses his room to work on his computer and sleep.

Translated by Maria Smirnova

Here you can listen to an interview with Anatoly Grigoryevich, in which he talks about himself and his hobbies. Listen to an interview with Anatoly Grigorjevitch

a room of a hunter

the hunter

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