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Vasily is an especially creative man: he is an artist and musician, a traveller and philosopher, a loving husband and attentive father. Vasily was born into a family of Moscow artists. He graduated from art school with a degree in applied arts, and for his entire life has worked either in this field or in other fields connected to visual art. He has worked in the production of art for advertising, as a decorator and an illustrator for magazines, as a manager in a publishing firm, and as the initiator and organizer of a variety of exhibits and festivals. He constantly finds himself in the midst of Moscow’s cultural life.

In his youth, Vasily was enraptured by the culture of the sixties and experimented with the subtleties of the post-hippie Russian movements. Inspired by the examples of the medieval troubadours and minstrels, Vasily and some like-minded artists established the artists’ collective “Man and Bird” and together they participated in all kinds of festivals and events.

Vasily loves good literature, poetry, Eastern philosophy, and natural landscapes. At the current moment, Vasily is obsessed with the ethnography of the Northern population. “The most important thing,” says Vasily, “is to realize that everything that is necessary and beautiful is all around you – you just need to find it.” This is probably the secret to his optimism and limitless creative potential.

Vasily lives with his large family in a cozy apartment in northwest Moscow. They designed the apartment themselves. The room in which Vasily creates, works, and rests is filled with flowers, musical instruments, paintings, and old things that preserve memories of his travels and his eventful youth.

Translated by Abby Preston



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