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It has been many years since Olga Vasiljevna has worked. As a longtime leading economist at the Ministry of Trade and Finance during Soviet times, Olga Vasiljevna, like many other specialists, lost her prestigious job with the collapse of the Soviet Union. The dissolution of the Soviet economy ended the career for many soviet economists. They were no longer necessary.

However, work is not the most important thing in life. Olga Vasiljevna devotes all her time to her large family and she spends every summer with her children and grandchildren at their country home. Their country home is located on a hill and from the window you can see a lake, abandoned fields, a farm, the forest, and neighboring villages. They built the house themselves from wood and there is a real Russian oven inside. Olga Vasiljevna spends the warm months of the year at her country home, from the end of April through October.

Translated by Maxim Demidov

Here you can listen to an interview with Olga Vasiljevna



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