The Carefree Life of a Law Student

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Alyona is the happy owner of her own very big room, which fortunately, she does not have to share with her younger sister. She is also the owner of a huge teddy bear. Alyona is about to enter adulthood. Only 2 more years and she will graduate from one of the most prestigious law universities in Moscow.
Alyona is living a real student life. Her friends visit her often and she frequently goes to parties. In addition, she has to work (Alyona loves traveling and has to cover her travel expenses) and help her family at home. This is why she is always in a rush.

Alyona has all the furniture she needs in her room: a piano, bookshelves, a desk, a big sofa, a closet and many, many teddy bears!

Translated by Max Demidov



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