Police Officer

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Andrei is a colonel in the Moscow Police Force. He is the leader of the criminology expert mobile unit, which is usually called upon if the standard unit finds itself in a complicated situation where special expertize is needed. Andrei served in the Soviet Army in Afghanistan and worked as a photographer for Soviet Warrior magazine. When he realized that the job of a journalist will not help him to support his family, he decided to join the Moscow police department.

Any job has an effect on a person and a job in the police force is no exception. As part of his daily routine, a policeman sees things that the average person reads in the police blotter, in the newspaper, or sees on TV. Such a routine makes one pessimistic and cynical about people. The severe reality of the city turned a peaceful romantic into a steely professional.

Luckily, even in such a hard job there is always some room for creativity. Andrei is continuing to take photographs, like in his youth. There are two memory cards in his expensive digital camera: one is for work and another for everything else. It is very important to have a professional photographer to gather evidence and assist in investigations and the judicial process. Andrei has has his own office. It has two rooms: one with a computer desk and facilities for forensic science and another for sleeping, because sometimes he has to work round the clock.

Translated by Maxim Demidov



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