Russian Skvo

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Natasha is a needlewoman, passionate botanist, and a wonderful mother of three children. Her apartment greets visitors with an abundance of green and yellow. Clouds float along the ceiling and in the middle of the room there lays a multi-purpose bamboo mat that functions as an area for storage, meditation, and sleep.

Antique chests sit side by side with ceramic pots and paintings – with hiking backpacks. Within the apartment, an unmatchable creative atmosphere reigns supreme!

Natasha works in a flower shop and maintains a nursery-garden at home.

Edible greens leisurely grow along the windows as other intricate plants gain strength. Hung from pieces of cork tree, orchids of every conceivable color overhang their airborne roots.

The room where Natasha spends most of her time is a bright lounge with windows on either side. Thanks to the abundance of light, both plants and her kids grow well there!

Translated by Chase Philpot



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