Speech Therapist

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Marina Alexandrovna is a born optimist and a children’s speech therapist. With inconceivable ease (thanks to years of work, experience, and professionalism), she finds an approach for any, even the most difficult and aloof child. Dolls, toys, nuts, acorns, beetles, picture books, whistles, propellers, and a whole host of other items with unpronounceable names enter mobile logopaedic lab.

Maria Alexandrovna is a hiker with a track record, as well as a fan of relaxing on the beaches of her home country. She is the proud owner of an enormous but sweet dog named Lola, a cross between a Berne shepherd and a collie.

Maria Alexandrovna’s favorite book, the one that inspires her to overcome any obstacle with a smile and acheive great feats, is Victor’s Frankle’s ‘Say YES to Life’.

Maria Alexandrovna is opening to a new chapter in her life: with the children grown up, long-awaited repairs are being made in the apartment, and she finally has her own spacious room that functions both as her home office and bedroom.

Translated by Chase Philpot



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