Caroline Beaty’s Word Cloud


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The word cloud I have created is made up of the first paragraphs in the first four chapters in the memoir. It contains top 150 words. The words that are most prominent are college and education. College is the largest because of its importance in the life of Henry Adams. Adams felt like the traditional education system and what they were teaching wasn’t truly going to prepare him with the necessary knowledge he needed to thrive in his time period. He felt this type of education was irrelevant to the world he lived in. Which leads to the next word, education. He felt that the scaffolding of education wasn’t taught correctly and wasn’t giving people what they essentially needed to know. The themes of college, and education are heavily repeated and that is why they are so important in the word cloud. Adam’s views of education were not just a problem in his life but are existent in today’s society. Advancements in education and the way it is presented connect to Adam’s ideas. Are these modern day methods really relevant in today’s world is the question.

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