5 Fashion Rules for Toulouse

-Lydia Godo-Solo

Let me preface this article with a statement: I love fashion. So when I was packing my three suitcases, one was a carry-on I promise, I knew my trip to Toulouse was my time to shine. I could express my love for fashion without the limitations of the Maine weather and people who like to wear sweatpants every day. One of the counselors in the study abroad office once told me that I was dressed like I was ready for Paris. My dream hit a little roadblock when two of my suitcases were overweight and I had to leave some clothes and shoes at the airport with my frustrated father. Now that I have been here in Toulouse for six weeks, I am an expert in Toulouse fashion. Here are a few rules:

  1. If you do not have a black leather vest, do not come to France. I don’t think they even let you through Customs without one.
  2. Toulousians love sneakers and they are very pratical. During the sales here, there were so many people I couldn’t move around in stores like Size? andCourir that specialize in selling name brand sneakers, like Adidas, Nike, Puma, Reebok, and Timberland. A favorite for young toulousians is the Stan Smith, a white sneaker by Adidas.

    Stylish sneakers in Toulouse. Photo de Lydia Godo-Solo.

    Stylish sneakers in Toulouse. Photo de Lydia Godo-Solo.

  3. In schools all over the Unites States, leggings in place of pants are very populaire. Here, no, thanks to God. I understand the attraction of leggings, but every day? Young French women wear skinny jeans almost all the time. Bonus points: if you were black or grey skinny jeans.
  4. This is not surprising, but the French love scarves. But, not just any scarf. If your scarf cannot also serve as a blanket, leave it in your closet for the summer.
  5. Since it is winter, I will give one last piece of advice on coats. Toulousians love their clothes in neutral colors, it is the same for jackets. Black, navy blue, olive green, and all fifty shades of grey. They love trench coats, military jackets, fur jackets, and jackets with fur (The two are different!).

And voila! No translation needed there. Five rules for fashion in Toulouse. You’re welcome! I could give you all more, but I can’t give away all my secrets.

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