The Centre Pompidou

-Naomi Johnson

View from the Centre Pompidou. Photo by Naomi Johnson.

View from the Centre Pompidou. Photo by Naomi Johnson.

Each time that I’ve gone to Paris, I’ve gone to the Centre Pompidou, and my time in Paris with Dickinson was no exception. The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art is one of my favorite museums in the world. However, our tour was incredible because it was a private tour with a guide who was very knowledgeable about the museum’s art. His explanations were quite remarkable; I would not have been able to understand the works without his comments. Throughout the tour, we saw works created by famous artists like Kandinksy, Picasso, Yves Klein and Dali. I really appreciated the experience and I’m sure I’ll go back the next time I’m in Paris.

IMG_0572 (1)

Guided tour at the Centre Pompidou – Photo by Julia Coggins

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