Rock Against Homelessness

We’re proud to say that WDCV’s Rock Against Homelessness fundraiser raised nearly $700 for Carlisle Cares last weekend! Carlisle C.A.R.E.S is a wonderful organization “whose mission is to provide shelter to homeless individuals and families when no other shelter can be found”, and this past month WDCV has raised donations selling baked goods and crafts during ‘Live on Briton Plaza’ broadcasts, all leading up to the station’s Rock Against Homelessness event.

In the spirit of fundraising, WDCV DJs James and Tori braved pies to the face and random objects duct taped to their limbs.

And let us never forget the riveting suspense of the pie eating contest, where Tessa almost took down reigning champion Chris in a sudden death second round!

Special thanks to local artists Peter Joseph and the Roaring Twenties and Trunks & Tales for providing fantastic performances during the event, and to all the local businesses who provided items for the ruffle (which was very successful!), including the Carlisle Theater, the Clothesline, Timebomb, George’s Subs and Pizza, California Cafe, Courthouse Commons, Hanover Grill, and Marjorie’s Gems: Vintage Jewelry.

And, of course, a thanks to all our DJs who helped and everybody else who came, participated, and donated. We couldn’t have done it without all of you!

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