Gang Gang Dance June 24th

Eye Contact ★★★/5

Gang Gang Dance

Eye Contact is this Manhattan based band’s 5th studio album. It opens with Glass Jar, an 11 minute track which slowly opens and builds, very reminiscent of waking up on a lazy Saturday morning.  The album glides on from there, never reaching a huge crescendo, but the varying and interesting synth melodies and club beats mixed with some jazz percussion keep the very long album from becoming dull.  As far as vocals go, Lizzi Bougatsos, small high pitched, and sometimes bollywood type voice offers occasionally rambling, sensual, and calm lyrics.  This is not an album to listen to single tracks on, although long, the whole album offers almost a spiritual experience after listening to the quiet tracks.  This is an album that does not try to influence you but leaves you with your thoughts and musings and gently complements them. Check it out if you are caught in the lazy summer heat and want something engaging yet non-invasive.

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