Streetlight, Streetlight, Streetlight!!!

I have never posted on the website, but I feel the need to now. Words do not describe my excitement at the moment. For those of you who don’t know, some of the Music Directors are big (In my case BIG) fans of the Ska/Punk/Jazz amalgamation known as  Streetlight Manifesto. After years of waiting we finally have a new original album to obsess over! Excuse me if this announcement/review/gushing session lacks any semblance of literary value, as I’m writing this I am also listening to this album for the second time. Oh by the way, the album entitled The Hands That Thieve and it rocks.

For the time being, this is my favorite song from the album is “With any Sort of Certainty.”

So for those who don’t know why us crazed ska fans love Streetlight, we all have our own reasons. For me, it starts with the fact that they play THE best live show that I have ever seen. Hands down, no contest, end of conversation. All of Streetlight’s members are amazing musicians and they simply bring an energy to their jazzy melodies which no other group I’ve ever seen can match. As a group  they are as loud as a ska band, with the sound quality of big band jazz and the energy of a great punk band.

Though there are not yet well recorded live versions of Streetlight’s new release, I will be going out of my way to see them this summer and I expect it to be awesome.


P.S. Though Streetlight is selling the album, they have actually gone on record suggesting that their fans download it illegally. So, if you are so inclined it won’t cost you a thing.

(DISCLAIMER: WDCV, Dickinson College and this author do not condone these practices as they are illegal)


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