Token Prospects at Dickinson

Token Prospects is indie soul band made up of five members, four of which are Dickinson graduates: Dwight Dunston, class of 2010; Josh Rohrbaugh, class of 2010; Andre Lekich, class of 2010; and Jeremy Keys, class of 2011. Robert Ricket graduated from La Salle Univiserty in 2011.

Token Prospects is definitely something you should check out if you prefer a more laid back feeling to music. They build upon a steady acoustic guitar line that often converses with piano, strings, and a variety of other instruments creating a spectacular relaxed, soul filled background which leads the vocals through their melodic journey. They create an original sound that invokes a peaceful feeling that could make anyone forget about their troubles and just enjoy the music.

Token prospects will be making a trip down to Dickinson college where they will be opening for Parachute on April 5th at the Anita Tuvin Schlechter Auditorium for the MOB spring concert.

You can find Token Prospects at:

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