Carlisle Uncut: Stories off the Beaten Path-Stealing the Mermaid

saraashleyCarlisle Uncut: Stories off the Beaten Path is a series of stories produced by first year students during the Campus Media Pre-Orientation program.  10 students arrived on a Sunday, interviewed people on Monday, edited on a Tuesday and aired their stories on WDCV by Wednesday morning.  It was a fast paced introduction to audio journalism, storytelling and learning about their new home of Carlisle through the eyes of the individuals who live here. We will post a new story every day this week until all 5 stories are told.

Stealing the Mermaid

You see her everywhere. She’s on tote bags, street signs, fake tattoos, admissions flyers and other Dickinson gear but the original is sheltered inside a glass case, safe from those who want to abduct her.  Even the one perched high above campus on Old West is a fake as the real mermaid swims in the quiet waters of the library.  Even though she looks odd compared to other famous mermaids from stories there is still something that has drawn students to steal her time and time again.

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