Motorama Puts Us In A Lo-Fi Future Fantasy

Hailing from the motherland of Rustov-on-Don, Russia, the five member group Motorama delivers a more polished product with their latest installment, Dialogues. When you listen to this it doesn’t immediately scream “a bunch of Eastern Europeans making indie-post-punk” that’s probably because they choose to sing in English. Their Discography extends back to 2008 with their first release Horse, and their sounds has really matured since then. Where their earlier sound was more reminiscent of post punk groups like Joy Division, this current iteration features a much welcome introduction of synth heavy tracks infusing the album with a pervasive indie-pop vibe


The first track “Hard Times” is one such of these electro lo-fi tracks. The intro features not only synthesized drums but also a smooth synthy texture that paints a sublayer that hangs below the melody and bassline. The hihat from the drums comes in to drive the sound forward making this track incredibly danceable. The upper line features the smooth synth sound again as the departure from their earlier works becomes more evident. “Loneliness” is another one of those songs that depart from their original sound as they trade out a drum set for 808s around the board. The electronic drums mixed with the organic-ness of the guitar riffs create a neat mash up of sounds that layer very nicely with the droning atmospheric vocals. The culminating track “By Your Side” sounds like it’s straight from a lo-fi future fantasy. The affected guitars, dry drums and funky bass line are aided by electronic textures that plink and float unperturbed by their analog counterparts.


Credit: Glide Magazine

Motorama has certainly evolved with the addition of this album into their discography. It really seems as if they have found a new voice that’s significantly less post-punk inspired and seeks to channel more progressive indie-pop dance fusion vibes. Be it smattering of friends bopping along at a house party or a lithe gathering of artsy kids lounging outside Dialogues would provide a soundtrack sure to please. They are currently one of our featured artists so be sure to tune in to WDCV to hear more of them.


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