Concert Review: Rainbow Kitten Surprise


Concerts are always great. Seeing a band live, is everything compared to just listening to their music on your phone and this concert was certainly no different. The venue, Ram’s Head Live, was standing room only allowing, with some maneuvering, to get ridiculously close to the band, and the music.

I came to this concert already liking their music but I was not a super fan, not yet. By the end of a sweaty exhilarating 3.5 hours of Rainbow Kitten Surprise, I understood the more cult following of this band. Song after song was both musically beautiful but perfect for a concert, with the band clearly invested and enjoying every word, and every fan exhilarated in their performance. At times I honestly thought the leader singer, Sam Melo, had fallen down after jumping and dancing on stage, but every time he rose up again, somehow becoming better with every song.

Bands like Rainbow Kitten Surprise are the reason everyone should see bands in concert. Something changes after you go to them, after hearing a song live, the audio on iTunes doesn’t do the song or the band justice. The audio track suddenly doesn’t have enough energy as when you saw it live, but listening to the song does give you a sense of nostalgia for when you, the band and the crowd lost yourself in the music, and Rainbow Kitten Surprise proved this true.

It was a concert that allowed me to forget where I was, the responsibilities I had waiting for me at home and all the reasons why I almost didn’t come. I went to the RKS concert a casual fan and I left a super fan, so much so that I already bought tickets for a concert in January. 


Written by Emma Caplan

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