Biscuits & Gravy Y’all


This week I tuned in to the awesomeness that is Biscuits & Gravy. They are a hip-hop / R&B duo with a very refreshing soul vibe that has a an old school grove. Their recent record is titled “Hello Weekend” and the title track of the same name is definitely worth checking out. The track 20 years even features a kicking guitar solo (yay!), displaying the groups diversity. Biscuits & Gravy kind of reminds me of late 80’s early 90’s hip-hop / R&B collaborations that really put mainstream rap in the spotlight. It sure is reassuring that the style of that era still lives, but with a new twist. From my first impressions the main difference is that Biscuits & Gravy goes through the process of arranging original audio tracks for their songs instead of sampling. This group is quite original and definitely worth a listen.

You can find the group at: