WDCV Lounge Now Open To All DJs!

For the first time in WDCV history (or at least as far as we can tell) the WDCV Lounge will no longer be for Exec Board Members only but will open to all WDCV DJs! We hope this new level of openness better connects our WDCV family.  This has become possible because our DJs have shown how devoted they are to our lovely little station.

Hey DJs, please follow the same rules as the rest of the station although you can eat food in the lounge, just please keep the place tidy.  Also, let’s be sustainable and turn out all of the lights when no one in the lounge.  DJs can use the space as a place to chill, do homework, hang with other DJs or just escape from the rest of campus. Please be respectful of other DJs that are on the air so talking doesn’t get too loud that it affects their show.