Ladies and Djentleman, We Now Present…Periphery!

Djent is a relatively new subgenre of metal music. There is not much rhyme or reason to how it works besides a core rhythm. Most djent artists are not concerned with music theory, but making their songs a rhythmic orchestration of sorts. Following a recent trend among newer metal bands, most djent songs do not feature solos. Instead they have breakaway parts of the song which feature a signature catchy riff. Periphery helped popularize the djent movement following in the footsteps of the very popular Meshuggah. This particular number is Buttersnips from Periphery’s selt titled album.

Performance Spotlight: Promised Ones

A couple months ago Guitar World Magazine and Blessthefall teamed up to form a guitar cover contest. Contestants uploaded their cover videos and then the band chose a couple lucky prize winners. The contest concluded a while ago, but blessthefall recorded an awesome video for Guitar World where guitarists Eric Lambert and Elliott Gruenberg showed viewers how to play their hit song “Promised Ones”. The video is located below the descriptions.


Guitar World is a magazine that provides resourceful information about guitars, equipment, playing technique, bands, and how to play songs on guitar. If you happen to be a guitar player, or just like music in general, check out their website!

Blessthefall is a metalcore/post-hardcore band from Phoenix, Arizona. Their music has a collaborative feel overall and is very well put together in terms of composition. Singer Beau Bokan only sings vocals while bassist Jared Warth jumps in for all the growling.  Eric Lambert and Elliott Gruenberg trade guitar parts at times, each taking turns playing lead melodies in the riffs. If you pay attention to the chorus riff in this song, they will switch who plays the rhythm and who plays the lead parts at different intervals of the song. By the way I’m not going to leave out drummer Matt Traynor. His double bass can pound a hole in your wall and it accents the guitar notes quite well.