Mark Ruffalo Wants a Smoothie

This past weekend, Mark Ruffalo found the video made about our Bike Blender, and shared it on his Tumblr, saying:

“This is a brilliant project by Dickinson College students. Can I put in an advanced order for a blueberry smoothie in May??”

Of course you can, Mark Ruffalo!

To see the post, click here!

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Desserts in the Dark

dessertThe kick-off event for the Energy Challenge is tonight! Come to KW lawn from 7 to 9pm!

There will be FREE Leo’s ice cream, fudge and candy from Georgie Lou’s, and treats from Beeman’s Bakery!

Glow-in-the-dark Frisbee will also be happening, and glow sticks!

See you there!

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Winter Bike Paths

What do you do when the multiple feet of snow leave your bike path useless?

A group of people in Boston decided to take matters into their own hands by digging a tunnel through a 15 ft high pile of snow that was blocking their frequently-used path. Read more here.


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Winter Mountain Biking

Just because it’s cold and snowy outside doesn’t mean that everyone packs away their bikes. Some people find the snow and ice to add some extra adventure to their ride!

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