Summer Biking

Hey guys, my name is Max Rubinstein and I’m going to be one of the new Biking@Dickinson interns along with Drew Afshasi. Once the semester begins, we will be sure to let you all know who we are and how we became involved with CSE, sustainability, and most importantly biking. We’re pumped to carry on the great work that Mariah and Jahmel did before us and we’re looking forward to seeing many of you at the Handlebar as well as Bike to the Farm this coming semester.


One shouldn’t forget that the summer months are ideal for biking, as the roads are full of bikers of varying levels. It can span from competitive bikers to even families pulling their young children behind them. And the remaining time before school starts is the perfect time to bike whether you’re experienced or a newcomer. If you are interested in bike races, there are many charity or competitive rides underway including the Pan-Mass Challenge, BikeMS, and the Tour de France on TV. Biking or supporting through these outlets can be a fun way to back a cause, bike alongside some stiff competition, or follow along with some of the world’s best athletes.


The relaxed pace of summer makes biking the perfect way to get around. The air rushing across your skin can be a free and environmentally-friendly way to cool off. If you get too hot, a close pool, pond, or ocean can provide sweet relief. Sun protection is also essential with biking, as one should apply copious amounts of sunscreen and wear loose fitting clothing to allow your skin to breathe. With biking, proper hydration is key as too little water can quickly turn an enjoyable bike ride into a distressing experience.


Safety and style is important

Maintaining your bike during the summer proves to be much easier compared to some the other seasons of the year. Without the winter’s road salt, one doesn’t have to worry about your bike deteriorating, as well as many other winter challenges. But with any bicycle that’s been put aside for few months, there is still some work to do. Tires deflate over time and changes in pressure can exacerbate this. Before riding your bike, it’s extremely important to inflate your tires to the proper PSI and adjust your brakes and derailleurs so your bike runs smoothly. With everything in place biking in the summer can be an amazing experience as it can provide you with exercise, a community, and an eco-friendly use of your time.

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Faculty Spotlight

We have a fantastic biking community here at Dickinson. Here are some Faculty and Staff who bike to work almost every day, anywhere from a mile away to 6. More spotlights to come!


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Green Bikes Fall 2015

Green Bike Photo Inventory for Fall 2015

Check out the Fall 2015 Green Bike Fleet! 52 bikes are available for use this semester. Take a peek and pick out your favorites. Let us know through emailing and we’ll place you with a bike or put you on the waiting list.

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Summer Bike Storage

April 27th – May 1st : 9am-4pm!

Your bike is always there for you. Through thick and thin it moves you speedily and gracefully. Show your bike some lovin’ and give it a good home for the summer! CSE provides FREE storage for the summer and/or study abroad.

Friends don’t leave their friends outside all summer.

Bring your bike and Dickinson ID to the Center for Sustainability Education (Kaufman 190, near DPS) anytime between 9am and 4pm this week, Monday through Friday, to have your bike put in storage!


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