Bike Safety Campaign

April 24 – May 5, 2017

May is Bike Month! #dsonbiking #bikemonth

Join Dickinson’s Bicycle Advisory Committee and the Handlebar Bike Co-op as we celebrate National Bike month with events leading up to and throughout May. See below for events and programs where you can WIN PRIZES and join in the fun! Throughout the week, practice good biking skills to be entered in a raffle!

Activities include:

  • Wearing your helmet
  • Properly locking your bike
  • Stopping at stop signs
  • Getting your bike tuned up at the Handlebar
  • Using bike lights when riding after dark
  • Going on a group bike ride



Schedule of Events:

April 21    Energy Challenge Finale (7-9pm on Morgan Field)

April 22    Ride to the Farm for Earth Day/Art on the Farm (12:30pm @ the Treehouse)

April 24    Bike Safety Campaign Kickoff (11am-1pm on Britton) / Register your Bike on Britton Plaza

April 26    Bike Ride! (leaving the Handlebar @ 5pm)

May 1-5     Bike Donation Drive (all day @ CSE)

May 1         Learn to Ride a Bike (4-6pm @ the Handlebar)

May 3         Bike Ride! (leaving the Handlebar @ 5pm)

May 4         Classroom Session: Rules of the Road (12-1pm @ HUB Sideroom 202)

May 5         Practice your Riding skills (3pm @ the Handlebar)

May 5         Last Chance: Green Bike Check-in and Summer Bike Storage (10am-4:30pm @ CSE)

Meeting Minutes 11/15/16

Attended by: Jim, Lindsey, Carey, Jason, Alyssa, Chuck, Janett, Joe, Marcus, Andrew, Rob

Handlebar Updates (as of Oct. 31st)

  • Parts Order placed
  • 152 total visitors
  • 66 hours open

Past Events:

  • Bike to Farm Potluck (10/8)
    • Bad weather but a success nonetheless
  • Homecoming/Parents weekend (10/29)
    • Open house with a lot of parent and alumni visitors
  • Second Volunteer Training and Hope Station Workshop (11/12)
    • 11 people attended for part/all of 5-hour event
    • Fun and positive collaboration with community
    • Over 70 children got new bikes

5 Year Anniversary of Handlebar this year!

Upcoming Programs:

  • Tuesday rides now Sunday 1pm
  • Winter bicycle storage (Dec. 7-9, 9am-3pm)
  • Bike touring lecture (11/29)
    • Keith Spangler, of Harrisburg Bicycle Club will lead 1-hour workshop
    • 12pm in HUB Sideroom 201

Covered bicycle parking update:

  • Bike Shelters continue to move forward – should arrive before Christmas, installed early spring
  • Working on modifying already-existing covered areas outside of dorms

Campus Bike Pumps:

  • Funded by Student Senate, purchase overseen by CSE
  • Small rubber gasket must be replaced/ working to engage Facilities Management in upkeep, repair
  • Britton Plaza and DaWi lawn are working, Morgan Field not functional

Bike Safety:

  • Instruction
    • Marcus certified League Cycling Instructor
    • Jason offered to teach commuting safety
  • Chuck Steel from the Workplace Safety Committee
    • Tasked with reducing accidents, goal this year: pedestrian safety
    • Reward system: coupons/tokens for
      • crossing roads safely (single day event, followed by sporadic rewards)
      • Wearing helmets?
      • Stopping at lights and stop signs
      • Bike Lights
      • All of the above! Start in spring (April=Biking month) when bike storage ends
    • Culminating in big drawing
    • Continued discussion of bike lanes/campus infrastructure

Next meeting TBA

Meeting Minutes 9/20/16

Attended by: Jim, Joe, Glen, Alyssa, Ken, Cary, Marcus, Madie, Alex, Max, Ian, Rob

Handlebar Updates:

  • Sunday volunteer training a success
    • lots of first years, returning visitors
    • scratched tube-patching workshop
    • add Shake, Rattle and Roll exercise
  • Visitor Stats
    • 75 visitors Fall 2015
    • 30 visitors Spring 2016
    • 40 people in shop as of 9/19/16
  • Wall/Bench outside shop
    • on Facilities management’s annual review
    • Should be approved by next meeting
  • Trip to Recycle Bicycle, Harrisburg 9/10/16 successful
    • Alex led, 4 attended

Upcoming Events:

  • Tuesday Road Rides
    • every Tuesday 5-6pm, leaving from Hbar
  • Bike to Farm Potluck 10/8/16
    • 30 signed up as of 9/20
    • Need ride leaders
  • Harrisburg area Bike and Pedestrian survey
    • College and High Street Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 4-6pm, Saturday 12-2


  • Covered bike racks purchased
    • installation contracted out, shooting for early spring
  • Other covered spaces
    • make use of empty, somewhat sheltered areas
    • timeframe: next 2-4 weeks
    • Armstrong/Buchanan and Baird McClintock
  • Bike Pumps around campus (3 locations)
    • paid for by Student Senate
    • tamperproof = hard to repair, working with facilities to fix
  • New res hall will have indoor storage!

Green Bike Fleet:

  • 50 bicycles
  • Glen contributed 5 over summer
  • 35 currently checked out, lots of large bikes still available
  • 3 incidents
    • 2 stolen last academic year, 1 per semester
    • 1 stolen this semester, recovered and reintroduced into fleet
    • 1 accident, hit by car, rider unharmed
    • Both accidents were bikes lent to friends – add clear guidelines to contract about responsibility
Stolen Bikes:
  • ~10 reported each year, majority unregistered
  • 1-2 recovered yearly, others disappear completely
  • Visibility vs. Lock awareness
    • Look for funding for security around racks?
    • Proper locking is more effective
      • Lock Your Bike Campaign?
      • Table with DPS on Britton?
      • Direct student initiative, marking “risky” bikes?
    • Update Biking Website – lock education, what to do when bike is stolen (report!)
  • When bikes are found, call police! Don’t handle yourself


  • Mountain Biking trip to Allegrippis Trails, Raystown Lake 9/24
  • Biking club equipment in shed, key requested
  • Marcus will be League certified instructor
  • Cary is Mtn Bike Certified instructor

Next meeting is November 15th, 1:30-2:30pm


Meeting Minutes 4/6/16

Bicycle Advisory Committee Meeting

Minutes April 6th 2016

Attended by: Marcus, Andrew, Jim, Alyssa, Joe, Max, Katie, Alex Ken, Jeannette, Anna

  1. Green Bikes: 40 man hours over winter to fix them, have only seen one in the HB indicating that the maintenance was effective. Distributed 40+ bikes to students
  2. Red Bikes: no problems thus far
  • Events
    1. Bike Tour of Graveyards, Sunday 4/10/16, 1-3 PM, Beginner ride. Organized by Jim and Caitlin
    2. Carlisle Road Ride, Sunday, 5/1/16, 1-3 PM, Intermediate Ride. RSVP @
  1. Handlebar Updates
    1. HB has run 3 successful events this semester, SustainIT, mechanics workshop with Lifecycle, and Bike to Farm
      1. Reached a diverse group of students, faculty, and staff
      2. Potential for more workshops with Coles mechanic
    2. 46 Unique Visitors this semester, 159 total visits, 232 volunteer hours this semester
  2. Covered Bike Parking
    1. Use tricider platform for sharing opinions/voting
      1. Share with committee members first, if a consensus is reached no need to share with greater community, members should vote by 4/8/16
      2. All racks should fit into the master plan
        1. In the future can be written into it
  • Next step is space planning committee
  1. Park a Bike Rack Installation
    1. Current rack limitations
      1. Loop racks prevent theft but bikes almost always fall over
        1. Physically damaging
        2. Unsightly, not good for tours
      2. Ear pole racks are being phased out
  • Email was sent to SPC to recommend piloting new rack systems as a potential replacement for the loop racks
  1. Potential new rack locations
    1. Alisson Hall
    2. Outside Hub
      1. High visibility
      2. Frame against current rack styles
  • Outside Kaufman

Meeting Minutes 2/17/2016

Meeting Minutes 2/17/2016

Attended by: Andrew, Jason, Katie, Jim, Joe, Anna, Alyssa, Lindsey, Ken, Marcus, Max, Jeannete

General Updates:

  • Green/Red bikes were tuned over Winter break and are in good shape
    • In the future, all Red Bike fixes will be paid for by CSE not facilities
  • Bike House: reapplication process is going on, trying to become more active in the community, meeting with special interest housing soon, want a house with a kitchen

Events & Programming:

  • Sustain IT took place 2/18/16
  • Bike to Farm will be April 2nd
    • Coordinate with Spring into Fitness (6 week program)
  • Exploring our Place Graveyard tour with Jim April 10th
  • ½ day bike workshop with Chris Donato and Lifecycle members
    • Intermediate bike fixes
    • More community geared
  • General Sunday bike rides
    • Earth Sciences ride
    • Mountain Biking at Michaux State Forest


  • Many new volunteers this semester, tracking hours via the log, new incentive program
  • Advertised to dining services and facilities
  • Trips to Recycle Bicycle have been successful

Covered Bike Parking:

  • Alumni have donated money to be put towards covered bike shelters
    • All decisions must be put forward before the space planning committee
  • Indoor storage is #1 option
    • Alison Hall?
    • New residential halls will have indoor facilities
  • We need a general idea of what design is best
    • 2 vs 3 sides
    • How protected? During Winter there is indoor storage
    • Modern vs old design
  • We have two free bike racks
    • Slick design, but needs to go before committee too

Next meeting is Wednesday April 6th from 2:30 to 3:30

Waggoners Gap Double Loop

This is a ride I discovered freshman year, when my friend and I set out to do a seven mile night ride. Somehow that short ride turned into a 32 mile journey over the mountains complete with our friend driving 20 miles off campus to bring us more water.

The ride starts out on Waggoners Gap road as if you are heading towards the Hawkwatch. However, at the base of the climb turn right onto Enola Road. Eventually you will climb the up North Mountain in the first of two excruciatingly painful ascents. The backside of North Mountain is a little seen part of Pennsylvania for Dickinson students. There are quiet farms, rolling hills, and thick woods. This road ends with one of my favorite downhills. There are fast turns, colorful woods, and beautiful views of the neighboring valleys. However, as soon as this downhill is complete you have to climb right up the backside of the Hawkwatch. The back is even more difficult than the front. The climb features a few switchbacks, but with amazing views to your left. be careful though, as some trucks and other cars can barrel down the road quickly. Once at the top of the Hawkwatch take a break and enjoy the last 8 or so miles to campus all of which are essentially flat or downhill.


Here is the MapMyRide link for this long, fun ride.