The Handlebar has an Instagram!

The Handlebar is open! Come stop by with any biking questions or just to say hi!


Did you know that the Handlebar has an Instagram?

Check it out!

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Winter Bike Storage

While the weather outside might be nice today, there will be snow in the future!

Make sure that your bike is protected from the harsh winter full of snow and salt, and protect it from possible theft. Bikes don’t like being left outside all alone.

As usual, the Center for Sustainability Education will be providing Winter Bike Storage for people who don’t want their bike left outside over winter break. The hours to bring your bike to be put in storage are:

Monday -Friday
December 1st-5th from 9am to 4pm
December 8th-12th from 3pm to 4pm

snow bikes

Just bring your bike to the Center for Sustainability Education (in Kaufman 190, near DPS) with your Dickinson ID!

All bikes will be registered with DPS before putting them in storage. Don’t worry if your bike isn’t already registered – we’ll help you with it!

There will be a few pick-up dates in the spring – one at the beginning of the semester, and then two more in March/April. We’ll send out more information about this next semester!

If you’re going abroad in the spring, we’d be happy to keep your bike until you get back from abroad!


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Handy dandy bike guide. Everything you wanted to know (and then some)

Hello bike-o-sphere!  Hope everyone is still biking as the temperature dips (pro tip – wear layers!). I wanted to share with you a beautifully crafted bike safety guide from the League of American Bicyclists.  It’s so easy to read and understand.  Please give it a look and improve your bike ride!

Spinnin’ spokes and tellin’ jokes

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Bike Friendly University

BFU silver_14-18 (2)In case you haven’t heard, we got some big news today!! Dickinson College was officially recognized as a Silver Rated Bike Friendly University by the League of American Bicyclists. The League’s aim is to create a bicycle-friendly America, and does so by helping states, communities, universities, and businesses each become more bike-friendly. Every year, these kinds of groups can be evaluated by the League in order to see how they can improve.

The Bicycle Friendly University (BFU) program evaluates the college’s efforts to promote biking in the areas of engineering, encouragement, education, enforcement, and evaluation/planning. Dickinson’s Silver BFU award is a testament to the hard work of many people at the college who have successfully improved biking awareness by: bettering biking infrastructure through increased bicycle parking both indoors and outside, along with the new bike repair stands and bike pumps; opening and maintaining the Handlebar bike co-op and swap-shop, which has gained popularity with both volunteers and the community; increasing the number of biking events each semester, including the Bike to Farm Potluck held each semester; and boosting the number of people who are riding bikes through the Green Bikes and Red Bikes programs.

On top of all these programs we already offer, we’re expanding every day!


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