Banish The Blues

Unfortunately, as we celebrate our upcoming birthdays, our brains shrink and old/new brain cells communication slows down.

BUT, when we began to pedal, we are forcing our nerve cells to fire, format new brain cells, and release more neurotransmitters! All of this is happening while we ride to banish our blues and elevate our mood.

Bigger Brains & Happiness!

Check out this article:


(Photo by (Mr. Xerty))


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How to Respond to Drivers Who Don’t Like Bikes

As someone who both rides a bike on the roads and drives a car, I understand both sides of the argument when it comes to bikes in the streets.

If you need a good response to someone who argues that bikes shouldn’t be on the road, check out this article on myths commonly believed by anti-bike drivers.

Don't Kill The Messenger | Bryan Derballa

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The Handlebar is Back in Business!


It might be cold, snowy, and icy outside, but people are braving the elements to ride their bikes!

However, the current weather can be a problem for bikes – snow, slush, and salt can all be detrimental to bikes if proper care isn’t taken. And what tire pressure should you fill your tires to so that you don’t slip on the ice? Come to the Handlebar and we’ll help you figure that all out!

Our current hours are:

Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 4-6pm

If the door is closed, make sure to knock; we might have shut it to keep the heat in (we need to be able to feel our hands to properly fix up the bikes)!

Come stop by to chat, fix your bike, and have a great time!

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The Dirty Dozen

Have you heard of The Dirty Dozen bicycle race?

The race is considered one of the most difficult in the world. It involves riding over 50 miles while climbing the 13 steepest hills in Pittsburgh, one of which – Canton Avenue – is considered the steepest automobile street in the world.

Watching this race in-person is amazing, but check out this video about the race to get an idea of how amazing these riders are!

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