Where Did All The Greeks Go- The Hamilton Restaurant (Home of the Hot-Chee Dog)

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The Hamilton Restaurant (Home of the Hot-Chee Dog)


According to Athen you can really only order one thing at the Hamilton and that is the “Hot-chee combo,” consisting of one Hot-chee dog, one Hot-chee burger, and a black- and-white milk shake. Athen explains that since his uncle came over from Greece over 60 years ago, the Hamilton has always specialized in the “Hot-chee experience.” The Hamilton needed somethot-dog-sky-view.JPGhot-dog-sky-view.JPGhing that set them apart from other lunch counters in town, and the hot chilly cheese dog with minced onions and a stripe of mustard was the answer. He explains that the name that is now know through all of Cumberland county can not be credited to them but rather the Dickinson students who wanted a easier way of ordering a Hot Chilly cheese dog. To this day, the Hot-chee dog is still the most popularly ordered item at the Hamilton, and I believe it is one of the key components to why the restaurant has been so successful for many years. Zoe Stopak-Behr says it best, “The Hamilton is the beating heart of Carlisle.” (Interview, Zoe Stopak-Behr)

hot-dog-sky-view.JPG “As long as our family owns it [Hamilton] and people know what their going to get. Quick service, good food, etc etc. You’re not going to wait for junky food. It’s always consistent. We don’t change. Our ethics and tactics may be a little raw but you know what, it’s our system. Speed and quality is the key. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.” (Athen Mazias)

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