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  • Media’s Role in Society: The Good and the Bad

    Sociopolitical Progress and Growth Media is important both as a “watchdog” and as a passage for change. When media is too heavily restricted because governments do not want people to criticize them, then it does not allow for the spread of truth and awareness, nor does it allow for growth. Governments should hear back from […]

  • Regulating Religious Expression

    The Reasons Often Listed Behind Controlling Religious Expression Regulating religious expression could be done in order to make a more sectarian society. In Turkey for example, religious head coverings were banned by the country’s founder. While this was done so everyone was technically all the same under a Turkish identity, in reality, it often alienated […]

  • Coverage of COP27: Is it About Climate, or Something Else?

    Problems Around COP27 in Egypt The Climate Change Conference, a meeting that occurs annually amongst leaders around the world and major activists and activist groups, discusses the important crises surrounding the environment and how to address the arising concerns or pressures of global warming. This year the Conference takes place in Egypt. Currently, quite a […]

  • Approaches to Media During Regime Change

    Social Media During a regime change there is so much uncertainty, and so much happening so quickly, that it would be hard for large news outlets to report on everything exactly as it happens. I personally find that social media reports on things so quickly and spreads so quickly, that if a regime change were […]

  • The Open Debates of Al-Jazeera

    Portraying Both Sides The thing that has most surprised me in our course was in our readings about Al-Jazeera. I was interested in how Al-Jazeera has shows where they invite guests from opposing viewpoints to discuss an issue. I found this so different from media in America or the West. In the media and news […]

  • Connecting Our Readings To Lebanon

    Beliefs and Biases In our reading by Hussein Amin, he states that many viewers of Arab channels owned by the state are aware of the state’s heavy influence of the media and are aware of the bias, and as a result they are often skeptical of the messages they receive from state owned media (Amin […]

  • Banking Robbing and Financial Crisis in Lebanon

    What is the Crisis? An article in the New Lines Magazine written by Anthony Elghossain details the current spike in bank robberies in Lebanon due to the intense financial crisis rampaging through the country. The people rob the banks not out of greed, but out of a need for money to provide for themselves or […]

  • Link Between Politics/ Government and Media in Lebanon

    Ethics, Framing, and Agenda-Setting According to an article by the BBC, Lebanon has been one of the more progressive countries in the Middle East when it comes to media, for it was the first country to allow privatized radio stations. Additionally, much of the broadcast media in Lebanon is privately owned. However, most of the […]

  • About Lebanon

    Geography and Population of Lebanon Over Five million people live in Lebanon, with almost half of that population living in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. The capital sits on the coast of Lebanon, where a large majority of the population lives, even if they are outside the capital city. Of the five million people in […]

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