Voices from developing countries at Copenhagen

Commitments to cut GHG emissions are needed from developed countries, and from big developing countries. "The less developed countries have to stand up to the Chinas, Indias and Brazils, which they're not used to doing and not comfortable with", says Huq.

The Dickinson K2C research team is volunteering to help the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) with Development and Climate Days at COP15, a 4-day event in Copenhagen that will draw attention to the multiple connections between development goals and climate change, with an emphasis on concerns of developing countries. The organizer of the event, Saleem Huq, was recently interviewed by The Nation, a summary of which is given below. (Read full article from The Nation.)

When asked what are the priorities of poor countries in Copenhagen, Huq responded: “Obtaining a lot more money for adaptation to climate change is their primary goal. The latest studies suggest that adaptation will need tens of billions of dollars annually, not the smaller amounts discussed in the past.”

He also noted that the less developed countries have formed a common position, calling for a  limit on global temperature increase of 1.5 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels. This is an ambitous goal that will require the big developing countries to set mitigation targets along with developed countries. “The less developed countries have to stand up to the Chinas, Indias and Brazils, which they’re not used to doing and not comfortable with,” says Huq.

In response to a question about what Americans can do to help, Huq noted that the position of the US has differed from the rest of the world, most of which favors deep reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. He says that the administration in Washington “gets it.” But the problem is the US public and the Congress. President Obama “needs to spend more” [political capital] to get a climate bill, according to Huq.

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