Why Bike?


1. For Your Body

Riding a bike offers many health benefits such as increased cardiovascular fitness, strength, balance and flexibility, endurance and stamina.  Fresh air and exercise are critical to your health, and biking can be a workout by itself or an addition to another routine.

2. For Your State of Mind

Riding a bike is a proven stress reliever. Regardless of if you are riding purely for pleasure or for a specific purpose, you will arrive at your destination feeling relaxed, energized and happier about the world and yourself.

3. For Your Community

Being out on your bike is good for the people around you as well. You are able to go the places you want to go and yet put one less car on the road. From my bike I can wave to a neighbor, say hi to a kid, smell someone’s dinner cooking and be a warm and friendly human presence on the streets.

4. For the Environment

There is no polluting exhaust released, no oil or gas consumed. And the energy and materials used to manufacture one automobile could be used to created a hundred bikes.  Leaving the car at home means leaving some carbon out of the air!

2 thoughts on “Why Bike?

  • Ethan Burns

    Hey all
    I was hoping to get one or two weekly rides together. (Mountain or Road). I ride just about every afternoon for about 2 hours or 30 to 40 miles. If anyone is interested drop me a quick email (burnse@dickinson.edu). we can go at whatever pace people want. Hope to see some people out there


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