Tandeming Back to Back and other Crazy Bike-Related Videos

Okay, so today I have a variety of ridiculous and incredible bicycling videos to brighten your life. So, without further adieu and for your viewing pleasure:


First, here’s a short clip of two dudes tandeming back to back: Tandems I can’t quite figure out how the gearing on this works. Any ideas?


Now, for the square-wheeled bicycle: SQUARE WHEELS!


Third, an interview with a guy who rode his custom built PENNYFARTHING around THE WORLD. A revived piece of history: AWESOME


And finally, a series of videos of Danny Macaskill doing crazy things on his bike:

Inspired Bicycles

Way Back Home

Industrial Revolutions


Today we had a steering committee meeting of the Handlebar. Thank you to Glenn, Joe, Mike, and Dan for coming out and to Greg for giving your input as well!


The most influential decision we made during our meeting was that everyone should see this Bike-powered coffee cart we made in Maine. Megan, Lauren, Scott and myself headed up to Maine this winter to do the Idea Fund’s bidding and this is what we came up with.


Enjoy the videos and get out on your bike this weekend (but wear gloves)!



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