Bicycle Advisory Committee Meeting Notes February 18, 2019

Bicycle Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes February 18, 2019

Present: Ken Shultes, Lindsey Lyons, Cody Rosenbarker, Jeanette Diamond, Madie Ritter, Espoir DelMain, Jim Ciaroccia, Jason Gavinonas

Charge: The Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC) of Dickinson College is charged with making the college and surrounding community a bicycle friendly environment.

BAC will work to develop a comprehensive Bicycle Plan for Dickinson that:

  •  Promotes the engineering of a comprehensive, connected, and well-maintained network
  • Offers diverse bicycle education programs for campus cyclists and motorists
  •  Maintains and expands The Handlebar, Dickinson’s Bicycle Co-Op
  • Encourages and incentivizes cycling for students, faculty, and staff
  •  Continues developing enforcement for bike riding and parking and all road users
  • Develop evaluation plans and procedures to assess all elements of a comprehensive bicycle

Bicycle Friendly University

  • Re-certified Gold through 2022! (will share report when we receive it)
  • Bike racks
  •  High St. and Tennis Courts concrete being poured over break
  •  Online bike registration

– 41/100 are registered through DPS

Handlebar Updates

Fall 2018 unique visitors, 50 hours open last sem

  •  Spring 2019 open hours 2:30-6:30 Tues, 4:30-6:30 Wed
  •  Increasing shop visibility across campus
  •  Paint door a bright color (Dickinson Red?)
  • Mount tandem outside

Spring Into Fitness March 17th – April 27th (Jeanette) à Scavenger hunt with locations or events on campus, Handlebar could be a place to visit during open hours and get a sticker or something ? (Jim’s idea)

Green/Red Bikes

  • 53 Green Bikes in fleet, 5 potential replacements/additions
  •  Early check-out complete 7-10 were checked out 2 weeks ago, second check-out following Spring break
  • 16 Red Bikes, repair contract with Coles has begun and will be picked up next week 2/26

Upcoming Programs/Events

  •  Women’s Ride – March 8th
  •  Bicycle South Central PA regional Summit – $15 attendance fee-theme is making Biking Accessible March 16th
  • Anyone interested in attending/representing Dickinson?
  •  Shoutout to Madie for repping CSE Dickinson
  •  North Side Ride – April 6th
  • We need your help! (volunteers needed as ride leaders, station assistants, safety)
  • Bike to Farm – April 13th

Ideas from last meeting : key take-aways from our discussion regarding making change on campus

  •  Building a list of allies so that we can bring up allies in a meeting so that its harder to shoot down
  •  Getting students to speak up more in these spaces and being in space planning
  • Ken can carry it forward as permanent person in Space Planning

-recommendations from BFU report for help in next steps (will be sent out once we receive it)

– 2020 carbon neutrality comingàhow can this committee help to move people forward towards that goal for folks commuting?

—> Ken will talk to people about what limits folks from doing that and would have funds that could be incentives

  • Jim; going back to data, how can we know what percentage of people or students are engaged ? student ridership data (more than what exists within Green Bike program) could support our case for what needs to be done in powerful committees
  •  comprehensive overview of Carlisle biking resources (Baird project) into one outlet , invite them to next meeting à thoughts/suggestions; adding racks in there, and who can be updating that consistently?
  • Meeting around putting a “pump-track” in Valley Meadows Park @ Stewart Community Center Room 3 March 7th at 7pm

Next meeting: invite Karuna and Meggie and talk about Baird project and go over BFU proposed next steps

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