Army War College Loop

This route brings you past the US Army War College and the Carlisle Barracks, located northeast of town, which was originally founded in 1757, and is the nation’s second oldest active military base. This route is 5.6 miles with a total elevation gain of 89 ft.

  1. Starting at the library, use the downtown bike lanes on High St. towards downtown.
  2. Turn right on Hanover St. (at .48 mi)
  3. Turn right on E North Street, which brings you through historic Carlisle, past old factory buildings, crossing into North Middleton Township before passing the War College. If you have a military ID, or a friend with one, make an effort to explore the Barracks. ( at .70 mi)
  4.  Turn right onto Army Heritage Dr, which passes by the Heritage Center and crosses I-81. (at 2.24 mi)
  5. At the traffic light next to Sheetz, turn right onto East High St/Trindle Rd (PA 641), which will lead you back into town along the bike lanes. (at 3.31 mi)
  6. Finish back on campus in front of the library. (at 5.60 mi)

Caution is advised to riders on Trindle Rd/E High St (PA 641) during rush hour traffic. This ride is fairly easy with few noticeable hills.

Click here for the link to the route on MapMyRide.

Overview Map of the War College Loop

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