Pine Grove Furnace Route

Though fairly difficult, this ride showcases one of the most beautiful parts of valley. It has quiet roads, history and nature; it’s definitely worth exploring by bike. You can use this ride to access both Pine Grove’s Pole Steeple Trail or the Appalachian Trail, whose middle point (between Maine & Georgia) is in the Park. This is a 32 mile ride.

  1. Start at the intersection of W High St. and S College St. Head south down S College St.
  2. Turn right onto Walnut Bottom Rd. (PA 465). (at .56 mi)
  3. Follow this road out of Carlisle for approximately 7 miles. When PA 465 ends and PA 174 West continues, continue on Walnut Bottom.
  4. Turn  left onto Lebo Rd. (at 7.87 mi)
  5. Cross the Norfolk Southern tracks, then continue across Pine Rd. onto Leeds Rd. (at 9.54 mi)
  6. Follow for a bit, then bear left onto Point Dr. (at 10.43 mi)
  7. Bear left onto Centerville Rd (PA 233 South). (at 10.75 mi)
  8. Follow across the mountain to the intersection with Pine Grove Rd., turn right onto Pine Grove Rd. (PA 233 South). (at 15.03 mi)
  9. Turn immediately left onto Bendersville Rd. (at 15.03 mi)
  10. On your left will be the Appalachian Trail Museum. Take the first left, then follow the Bike Trail (on the left) through the park and around the lake, where it will end at Pine Grove Rd. Turn right onto Pine Grove. (at about 18 mi)
  11. At the end, turn left onto Carlisle Rd. (PA 34 North). (at 22.36)
  12. Carlisle Rd. ends at JCT 94. Turn left on S Baltimore Ave. (PA 34 North). (at 24.96 mi)
  13. This will take you through Mount Holly Springs, onto the Holly Pike, and back to S Hanover St. in Carlisle.
  14. Turn left onto W High St. back to campus. (at 32.04 mi)

This ride is recommended only to riders who are comfortable with long distances and long, steep climbs. The climb up South Mountain on Centerville (PA 233) is 3 miles long and will bring you up nearly 600 feet to a high point of 1,236 feet. Caution is advised to riders on Walnut Bottom (near I-81), Centerville (on the climb), and PA 34. There can be heavy traffic during rush hour times.

When descending towards Mt. Holly (North on 34), be very careful crossing the train tracks [before you enter Mount Holly Springs]. They cross the road at an awkward angle and could potentially catch a wheel. Take the lane if you are comfortable. Prepare yourself for this ride, as there are few services between Walnut Bottom and Mount Holly Springs.

Click here for the link to the route on MapMyRide.

Terrain Map of the Pine Grove Furnace Ride

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