Waggoners Gap Ride

This ride takes you north of town through farmland and straight up North (Blue) Mountain to Waggoners Gap and the Hawk Watch. This is a 17 mile route with one significant climb.

  1. Start at the intersection of W High Street and N College Street. Head north on N College Street (PA 74 North).
  2. Turn left onto B Street (at .53 mi)
  3. Follow PA 74 North, pass the schools and under the PA Turnpike.
  4. Continue north on Waggoners Gap Road (PA 74 North) for about 5 miles until you reach JCT PA 944 (Enola Road). (at 5.9 mi)
  5. Continue on Waggoners Gap and begin to climb the mountain. At the first switchback, to your right you will see a very strange and interesting house with a slight few (sarcasm) lawn decorations, and to your left will be a bar. (at 6.5 mi)
  6. Continue climbing past the second switchback (now you’ll be facing west), and stop 1/2 way up and look left at the gorgeous valley scenes, but be very aware of vehicle traffic.
  7. Continue to the summit of the gap at 1476 ft above sea level, then go slightly downhill, almost into Perry County, where you will find a sign for the Waggoners Gap Hawk Watch. Disembark and walk to the overview for even better views of the Cumberland Valley. (at 8.37 mi)
  8. Returning to Carlisle, be very cautious when travelling downhill, especially around the switchbacks. Once down the mountain, follow Waggoners Gap Rd. (PA 74 South) right back into Carlisle.
  9. This will turn into B St. Turn right onto N College St. (at 16.23 mi) and you will soon find yourself back on campus.

Extreme caution is advised to riders on Waggoners Gap Rd. when travelling both up and down North (Blue) Mountain. While Waggoners Gap (PA 74) does have some traffic during afternoon rush hour times, most of the time it is lightly travelled. Be prepared for this ride, as the only place to stop for a drink is the bar on the switchback. Enjoy the views this ride has to offer!

Click here for the link to the route on MapMyRide.

Overview Map of the Waggoners Gap Ride

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