Creek Road Ride

This route brings you along the Conodoguinet Creek. The route along the creek is flat, and makes for a nice out and back. If you are looking for a longer route with some hills, continue down Crossroad School to Ritner Hwy or further down to Walnut Bottom. This ride is about 21 miles.

  1. Start at the intersection of College St. and High Street. Head west on High St. (US 11 & PA 641).
  2. At the railroad bridge past the diner, turn right under the bridge onto N Orange St. (at .62 mi)
  3. Immediately turn left onto Newville Rd. (PA 641) (at .66 mi)
  4. Follow Newville for about 3 miles, then turn right onto McAllister Church Rd. (at 4.13 mi)
  5. Cross the PA Turnpike and go down the hill, around the bend to the left and continue straight (with the creek on your right) onto Creek Rd. (at 4.78 mi)
  6. Follow Creek Rd. for the next 5 or so miles. This road parallels the Conodoguinet and has light car traffic. You can either turn back at any point and continue to enjoy being next to the creek and away from traffic, or follow the map and turn left onto Crossroad School Rd. (at 10.65 mi)
  7. Turn right onto Kernsville Rd. (at 14.28 mi) and immediately turn right, back onto Crossroad School Rd. (at 14.33 mi)
  8. Crossroad School will intersect with Ritner Hwy (US 11). Turn left onto Ritner (US 11 North). (at 14.95 mi)
  9. Follow Ritner back into Carlisle where it will turn into W High Street and take you back to the center of campus. (at 21.50 mi)

Be cautious when travelling on Newville Rd. (PA 641), Ritner Hwy (US 11) and Walnut Bottom Rd .during rush hour times, but otherwise this route is very rural, with little to no traffic along the way.

Click here for the link to the route on MapMyRide.

Overview Map of the Creek Road Ride

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